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Hippolytus play summary

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HIPPOLYTUS No god, whose worship craves the night, hath charms for me. LEADER Summary and analysis of The Hippolytus - an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides. My blog: http://www.gbwwblog.wordpress.com Please help support this c Hippolytus • the play opens with a prologue by Aphrodite who explains why she wants vengeance against Hippolytus • her principal reason is her quarrel with Artemis over who is more powerful • Artemis delivers the epilogue at the end of the play • the appearances of these goddesses stand like pillars enclosing the drama Se hela listan på greekmythology.com “Hecuba“ (Gr: “Hekabe“ ) is a tragedy by the ancient Greek playwright Euripides, written around 424 BCE. The story takes place just after the Trojan War, as the Greeks are heading home, and depicts the grief of Hecuba, queen of the fallen city of Troy, over the sacrifice of her daughter Polyxena, and the revenge she takes over the added loss of her son Polydorus. The play is part of a larger commentary and myth sequence based on Hippolytus, and many stories focusing on Phaedra herself. Versions by Seneca the Younger ( Phaedra ), Ovid ( Metamorphoses and Heroides ), and the much later Jean Racine ( Phedre ) all contribute to our understanding of Hippolytus as a character and Hippolytus as a legend and play.

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She 'consoles' him with the thought that someday she will get revenge for him on Aphrodite by killing one of Aphrodite's favorites. But she must not stay and witness Hippolytus' actual death, lest it pollute her.

Hippolytus play summary


Hippolytus play summary

Hippolytus is a mortal prince who prefers chastity and hunting to the pursuits under Aphrodite’s purview.

The action concerns the revenge of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sexual desire, on Hippolytus, a hunter and sportsman who is repelled by sexual passion and who is instead devoted to the virgin huntress Artemis.… Character Analysis Hippolytus. Dramatic necessity dictates that in spite of the extraordinary intensity of her emotions, Phaedra does not dominate the stage entirely. If Hippolytus were only a shadowy figure, Phaedra's love would be incomprehensible, and the tragic dimensions of a great passion would be reduced to mere wantonness. Play Summary. Theseus, king of Athens, has disappeared during one of his expeditions. Hippolytus tells Theramenes of his intention to search for his father. But this is not the real reason he wishes to leave Troezen, where the court has been in residence for some time.
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She is married to Theseus, King of Athens, who has gone missing. But as her  Show all results sharing these subjects: Literature; Literary studies - plays and playwrights. GO. Show Summary Details. Overview. Hippolytus  Oct 20, 2017 The play focuses on the struggle between erotic love, represented by the goddess Theatre History: Hippolytus, summary and analysis.